Wednesday, June 14, 2017

20151209 Doritz出席秀玉婚礼

 The beginning of the RayJen trip 🤓🤓🤓 — withJune Liew.

 Guess who?

 Brides main cheerleader effect!

 Pweety ladies.. 🌸🌸🌸

 Awesome n yet crazy but cool n funny people! — with Lai YengKok Wai Lee and Crayn Tay.

 Same same!! Hahahahaha if u know what I mean 😈

 Blessed to have a friend like Jen Chiang 😘 — withJen Chiang.

 The most decent pic so far. Thanks Connie!! Haha

 Too sweet!!

Lai Yeng showing off ur loo 😆😆😆

 Who would actually take pic with a door? Haha

 There was a time...

 Hot spring during a sunny day... What were we thinking???!!

 Sipeh hot la!!

 Stretching to boil some eggs.. Haha — with Daphne Lo.

 Ok la.. Thanks Rawee!! Hehe

 What's that??

 Enough of work out on that day!! — with Daphne LoElvis ChewCrayn TayJimmy ChungLai Yengand Kok Wai Lee.

I have this without cover May face.. 😆

Crayn Tay Nice shoot, I love jump shot so much.
Elvis Chew I have this without cover May face.. 😆
Crayn Tay May May your photo

 Diving promise in May 2016! Don't FFk ah!! — withMay MayJimmy ChungElvis Chew and Jen Chiang.
Lai Yeng Date pls 😂

Jimmy Chung 哇! 你超会拍照。。
Refreshing !! N the Coke too! — with Jen Chiang.


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