Thursday, June 11, 2015


《在馬尼拉遇見的他》Met Him in Manila #throwback

I met Gian at Greenwich Pizza restaurant in SM MANILA, he recognized me at first. Maybe not so hard for him to look for a foreigner in the local restaurant.

Once met up, I requested to take photo together. Because we will walk around in the city later, I will turn to oily face after a walk. We having a great time in Starbucks at Intramuros and also watched the fireworks at Manila bay.

He is very gentleman, he know to take care of girls but he is naughty too. Never mind, girls still like him very much. He tried to tap Lynn Hong​'s phone conversation but don't worry. He don't understand mandarins.

I'm glad to meet him although it's just a short catch up. I always wish to make friends with local, maybe we are not that close to each other but we promise to celebrate Christmas and count down together in future.

It's all about Timing, if I visit to Manila in June. I might not meet him because he fly to Taiwan for study around two months. After that he will move to Diliman.  The day we met up was crash with his exam period. He was preparing his exam but luckily he decided to take a rest and met up with us.

Thanks you, Gian. All the best to you for your Taiwan trip. May God bless you.

他是我在馬尼拉約見的第二位沙發客。我們約在SM MANILA碰面。雖然說大概看過照片但…是他先認出我的,真的太厲害了!我想可能在一個以當地人為主客的餐廳裡,要尋找一個外地人並不困難吧。






It's all about Timing!!

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